Hung parliament

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Today is by no means a small day in British Politics.

With a larger number of votes, but not enough for a majority in the House, the Tories look to lose out if Clegg goes and gives his allegiance to the Labour party.

This kind of swings it the other way though:

Maybe Clegg would hate to give Labour their chance of continuing their reign, especially as it looks like, despite his gaffes last week, Brown would not lose his leadership of the party.

Maybe he would rather create a coalition with those he shares less political common ground with to create a diverse government with a broader aspect and perspective than a narrow, single politic government.

Maybe this would be the best thing to create a stable balance in the powers that walk Whiltehalls corridors.


London, Volcanoes and Best Friends

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Well it is a looooong time since I had five minutes to scribble here, my one and only follower will be glad to see that I have gotten my finger out and done something. Actually, the reason I havent written is due to the fact that I have had my finger out.. I’ve been too busy to write here.

Since my last post, I have been in London for a week, to do a bit of work with the Vascular surgeons in the UK, and since then all hell broke loose in the form of volcanoes in Iceland hindering flights. Luckily I was able to get home just before the air got shut down and we were taken back to the 19th century, with our limitation of transport. Our German office wasn’t so lucky tho, they were visiting us in Oslo when I got home from the UK, and they spent most of the Thursday on the ‘phone, trying to book train, ferry, coach tickets, or even hire a car.

The week after, my little friend came to visit, (I say little, she is teeny-weeny!) and we got chance to spend some quality time together, and drink some great wine..! We got chatting, as always, and time went all too quickly. It was nice to just be around each other for a bit, relax with each other and enjoy each others company. It’s strange, that after 30 years I have eventually found someone who not only takes me for me, and copes with it, but someone who likes me for it, and understands. I think that as we are both the same age, with ADHD, and have had our fair share of irritations and problems, we have more than enough common ground to share in our friendship. It is actually a breath of fresh air being with her…

‘Nuff said….

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iPad, or not…?

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I am by no means an Apple fan.

I despise them in fact. I just hate how they convert people who have no use for their overpriced gizmos, into believing that their stuff is better than everything else… I won’t go on too long, but a macbook for 2 grand??? I spent half that on my laptop, and it works perfectly well for what I need, and it has double the processing power, and it has double the hard disk space. I ain’t a graphic designer, so I don’t need an apple…


I bought an iPod touch 18 months ago.

And I love it. So much so that I actually want an iPhone.

Then apple came out with this:

I don’t usually go for things just cause they look good, and might be a bit cool…  but this. Well. Let me just say, I think apple might have converted me too.

I was offered the job of Nordic product manager for Apple a few months ago, head-hunted if you will. I said no, because I knew I wasn’t enough of an Apple fan to take the job and give it all it would require.

But had I seen this, things might be different…

Then again, I am still waiting for the iPad to arrive in Norway, and of course researching it.

I found this article:


I think I’ll get the iPhone instead. At least I know that works


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It looks like the first real signs of spring are here in this cold country. The temperatures are not very much above freezing, but lots of snow is now gone.
Today, on my way in to the office, (late) i saw two sets of migrating swans coming from the south, looking for a place to land, and a set of geese, also coming from the south. All were pretty high up, and in that classic V formation they are so well known for.

The birds are coming back… looks like it might start warming up soon…

Sorry is not the hardest word…

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It’s goodbye.
Especially when you know it’s forever.

Foie Gras, and My Best Friend’s ADHD,

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A recipe from the Gourmet club evening:

Foie Gras Crème Brulee

100g Duck Foie Gras
1 Egg
1 Egg yolk
250g Cream
1 dash Brandy
1 pinch Salt & Pepper

1 Blend all of the ingredients except the brandy in a blender until smooth.
2 Add in Brandy. Season to taste. Pass through a fine sieve.
3 Pour into shot glasses, filling up to the brim of the glass.
4 Line a gastronome pan with a cloth then place the shot glasses on the cloth.
5 Fill the pan with hot water until the water reaches ¾ marking of the shot glasses.
6 Cover tightly with tin foil.
7 Place pan in an oven at 100˚C for 1 hour.
8 Once cooked, remove from the pan and allow to cool.
9 Sprinkle sugar on top of the crème Brulee and use a hand torch to caramelize the sugar.

It was lovely.

My best friend got the diagnosis. Not a surprise. 🙂
I’m so happy for her, it may be a bit of a disadvantage to be labeled as having ADHD. But when it helps you to put all the questions in your mind at rest, then it’s more of a psychological relief than anything else. For that, I am happy. Welcome to the best club in the world! ❤